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"Bio Thermales' rainforest location is heavenly and relaxing in warm healing waters of the hot springs was truly amazing ... a wonderful experience. "

Larry and Gabriella

Hot Springs at Bio Thermales

Ancient Deep Earth Waters

Bio Thermales hot springs are geothermal waters that, having made a 10,000 year journey through limestone beds deep within the Earth, flow from natural openings in our rainforest floor laden with bicarbonates, calcium and magnesium. Our 12 free-form hot and cool pools contain no artificial chemicals and offer a range of temperatures for maximum benefit and enjoyment.

Four Rainforest Pools range from 90° - 103° F (31° - 38°C), with ranchos nearby (ramadas with picnic tables and barbeque grills). Monkeys often cavort in the tree tops above.

The Grotto Pools, Cool Mineral Pool, Bathhouse and ranchos are located in a meadow, surrounded by the splendid beauty, wildlife viewing, and birdsong of the rainforest. The Grotto Pools flow from a 105° F /42°C source pool onward to two larger and progressively cooler pools, and are connected to the Bathhouse via a concrete walkway for handicap access. The Bathhouse has bathrooms, showers, changing rooms, and large rancho with picnic tables, grill and electrical outlets, and is wheelchair-accessible throughout. The large Cool Pool is 90°F/31°C water from the thermal creek that originates in hot springs in our rainforest.

Composition and Benefits of our Hot Mineral Springs Waters

Since time immemorial, people have sought natural healing, relaxation and pleasure in hot mineral springs. To qualify as a mineral spring, the waters must contain at least 1,000 mg/l of dissolved solids. Our waters have a stunning 1,860 mg/l of dissolved solids. With a pH of 6.31, our waters are slightly acidic, a quality shared by many of the world's most treasured hot springs.

Bicarbonate mineral springs are considered most beneficial for relaxing muscles, stimulating cardiovascular circulation, and calming the nervous system. Bio Thermales waters are very high (780 mg/l) in bicarbonates. High levels of calcium and magnesium in our waters aid muscle relaxation and stress reduction, while the high sodium content may relieve arthritis symptoms. Our waters are also rich in a naturally occurring form of chlorine.

The warmth of the hot springs is also soothing for sore muscles, tension and stress. The range of temperatures in our pools allows individuals to discover and enjoy their preferred level of warmth -- and encourages alternating between hotter and cooler pools as recommended by physicians.

Anyone with a serious medical condition should consult their physician for medical advice and recommendations for bathing in hot springs or any natural body of water.

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