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Rainforest & Wildlife

Sustainable Nature in Costa Rica

Bio Thermales is situated on 35 acres of tropical rainforest with a diversity of animals for wildlife and bird-watching from the hot springs pools, casita porches or forest trails.

While we can't guarantee monkey and toucans every day -- our rainforest is a natural habitat and the animals come and go as they please, many times in response to fruit trees with mature fruits -- wildlife includes capuchin (cariblanco) and mantled howler (congo) monkeys, two-toed sloths, colorful tree frogs, iguanas, among many others.

Bird species are myriad and splendid: the rare great green macaw, parrots, toucans, oropendulas, hummingbirds, and tanagers, to name a few. Butterflies are free-flying and diverse, including the stunning Blue Morpho, which favors creeks and waterways.

Rainforest and Wildlife Preservation: Sustainability

Most of our 35 acre private reserve is secondary rainforest that connects primary and secondary rainforest within Bio Thermales and on neighboring lands, thus serving as an important biological corridor and habitat. No rainforest trees were cut to create Bio Thermales, and we practice natural harvesting of fallen or damaged trees.

Rainforest Enrichment: Planting the Future, Nurturing Forest Habitat

To enhance the ability of our rainforest to sustain more animals, we have thus far planted 400 native trees, vines and plants that provide wild forest animals with food, habitat and physical supports necessary for traversing the canopy. Rainforest is now reclaiming many pasture acres through such enrichment plantings and natural processes.

Our goal is to plant 1,000 trees, food and support vines and plants. Your visit to Bio Thermales helps sustain this precious habitat.

"Bio Thermales stands out as one of our favorite places during our travels in Costa Rica and the surrounding rain forest preserve was spectacular. Thanks, and already dreaming of our next visit."


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